How To Make Your Cat Healthy And Happy

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Pets are our companions for life, once you choose and adopt your pet, whether it is a cat, a puppy or something a little more exotic such as dragons and iguanas, you will get a lifetime full of happiness and friendship. We all know that cats are cuddly, cute creatures who are always there to comfort you and make you feel better but only if you take good care of them, and when you do your cat will become a part of your family. If you keep your kitten healthy and happy, it will never leave your side. Here are a few tips for all cat enthusiasts out there.

Cats and kittens as well as any other living creature, have their own needs, and you will have to take care of them. Food, water, and litter boxes are just some of the stuff you have to provide before you adopt your cat. Bowls and Glasses for food and water are also desirable if you don’t want your cat eating off the floor. If your cat likes to spend time in your backyard or your street, microchips and ID collars are the ideal solutions for you.

7Since entertainment is one of the most important things for your cat to be happy, it will need some toys. Lasers, balls, mice toys or just a string of colorful fabric is enough for your cat to stay active while you’re away. After all, it will help your kitten learn the hunting skills which means no bugs and mice around your house.

Fresh water is essential for your cat’s health. It is very important for your pet to have access to fresh water whenever it pleases. If you can afford it, water fountains are a great way for your cat to enjoy flowing, clean water just like they like it. If you can’t, just be sure to change your cat’s water regularly.

Keeping your cat active won’t be enough to keep its healthy weight, you have to pay attention to food portions it gets every day. People tend to give their cats daily supplies of food in the morning, believing that it will last them the whole day which often isn’t the case. To make sure you cat doesn’t get fat, you need to prepare its meals at the same time as yours. If you are asking yourself which diet is better, dry or wet food, there isn’t the right answer, be sure to contact your vet, after all, it is all depends on the personality of your cat.

When it comes to cat bathing and grooming, cat owners are often confused, is it the right thing to do or not? Even though cats take care of their hygiene, they sometimes need a little help, bathing your cat every once in a while won’t harm her, but only if you do it with warm water and special cat shampoo. However if you cat is unusually uncooperative don’t force it.

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Adopting A Kitten? Check Out These Amazing Cat Care Tips

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A cat can be the best pet, and it can become a part of your family if you just take good care of it. Before you adopt a kitten, you must educate yourself about that little creature that will soon occupy your home and everything else you like. Cats are independent but very needy animals. Everything in your life will revolve around it once you adopt a kitten, and you have to prepare yourself for that.

As we already mentioned cats are independent, which means they won’t be as happy as dogs when you return home from work and they might not want to play with you every time they see you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be loyal to you. In the beginning, especially if you’re adopting a cat from a shelter, it can be a little grumpy but when it gets used to you, it won’t leave your side, and you will have a companion for life.

The common mistake when it comes to cat care is giving milk to kittens. Cats are often lactose intolerant which means giving them milk isn’t the brightest thing to do. Water is the only liquid they need. If you are looking for some treats for your kitten make sure it isn’t milk, buy cat treats in your vet store or buy some toys to spoil your little one.

Scratching is a big part of cat’s life, and that is why your furniture and clothes suffer. Instead of allowing your cat to ruin your belongings, you should buy it a scratching post which will keep it away from everything you hold dear.

Even though cats bath themselves, brushing is not their strongest suit which is why you will have to groom your pet from time to time. Brushing and grooming should be daily activity if your cat has long hair. The most important thing is that cats as cuddly creatures actually love brushing, and they won’t give you a hard time about it.

If you already have pets such as dogs, iguanas or anything else that is not a cat you have to be careful when adopting a cat. Make sure each animal has its own space which will become its safe zone when it’s faced with another animal. If the other animal is a dog and you don’t know how it will react to your new family member pay attention to him and keep him close to you. Bring them in the same room for a few days and wait for them to get acquainted. Once they do, your family will be complete once again.

If you want a less needy pet that will still be interesting and funny, you can get some of the exotic animals such as iguanas or bearded dragons. Exotic pets are often easier to take care of which is why people tend to adopt them more often. beardie care is a lot easier than cat care, and it will leave you more time for yourself.

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