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What does "Cats & Coffee" mean?

I've compiled some explanations. link on this page Read more here.

It's true: Linux 2.6 is not cat proof

Read the relevant postings from the LKML 2.6 ist not cat proof here.

The Cats from Outer Space FAQ

»Have you ever suspected that your cat may be from another planet? Do you sometimes wake in the night to find your cat standing on top of you, peering into your face, as if poised to perform some diabolical extraterrestrial experiment? When you feed your cat, does he or she look up at you skeptically as if to say "My rations in the spacepod were much better than this." If so, your cat may be from outer space.« [Go to The Cats from Outer Space FAQ read more here]

A mystery: How and why cats purr.

In 1998, Lionel Lauer statet in asr: »I think your cats need tuning — according to a couple of quick measurements on a recently calibrated reference cat, the dominant frequency of a correctly adjusted cat should be 12Hz +/-20%.« local link Is this true? How cats are purring; why cats are purring? Is this a mystery?

About C & C:

Q: "Cats and Coffee", this sounds a little funny. What does this mean?

A: It came from the "Cats and Coffee warnings" originated in NANAE ( Some explanations:

Cats and Coffee Warnings - that is - when you see C&C on a post, carefully put down your coffee (and swallow whatever's in your mouth) and shoo your cat out of the door. We (tinw - there is no 'we') will NOT be responsible for replacing coffee splattered keyboards and medical expenses from having a scared cat claw you when you start laughing your guts out on a post marked c&c.

— Posted by Suresh Ramasubramanian on 2000/08/10 Message-ID: <> in

C & C - Cats and Coffee - usually appears as "C & C Warning!" - refers to the fact that what you are about to read is so funny that you'll spill your coffee, at which point the cat that's in your lap will leap up, scratching you with its claws. So put the coffee down and get the cat off your lap before reading this.

The term C&C originated on to mean Cats and Coffee, as a reader had a cat and a cup of coffee while reading something from that froup that was extremely funny. The result was that the sudden laughter sprayed coffee over the monitor and startled the cat which of course left the lap in a huge hurry, using claws for maximum traction.

— Frank Tabor, on the Spamcop-mailinglist (2001-april)

Another tag line that's becoming popular in some newsgroups is "cats and coffee" in the subject header. This is a warning that the message is going to startle you and make you either laugh so loudly that you'll startle the cat on your knee and get scratched, or else spew out your last sip of coffee all over the keyboard in bestartlement.

— Posted by Rodger Whitlock on 1997/12/17 Message-ID: <>, X-Original-Id: <> in news.newusers.questions

C&C, on the other hand, stands for 'cats and coffee'. Certain postings, being either humorous or outrageous, can take the reader by surprise and cause them to spew drinks over their computer and emit loud noises that may startle or alarm domestic pets. In the worst case, you may spew your coffee over the cat, which is bad (because the cat will then lick its fur, become addicted to caffeine, and you'll end up having to fight it for the last cupful in the pot every day for the rest of it's nine lives and yours). The appearance of 'C&C' in a message header is a sign that the poster thinks you should swallow your drink and remove the furry members of your family from your immediate vicinity before reading.

— Posted by Woodpulp on Thu, 22 Mar 2001 12:37:22 GMT Message-ID: <> in

3.2.27 What does "C&C" mean?
Coffee & Cats. It's a warning that you should remove from your vicinity all tasty beverages and furry felines, as the content of the message may cause you to convulse with laughter in a manner which will scare furry felines and can result in spilling of a tasty beverage over your keyboard (or alternatively choking on your beverage if you are drinking it when you start laughing).
Incidentally, that's what the "You owe me a new keyboard/monitor" statements allude to - someone forgetting to put the C&C warning on a funny message and endangering cats & computer equipment as a result.

To those who do not know, C & C means cats and coffee. The intent is to warn readers that the following post may cause you to spew coffee all over your monitor, or, when you scare the cat with a burst of laughter, cause the cat to suddenly launch itself off your lap causing injury to private parts.

— Posted by Mike Settle on 2000/02/29 Message-ID: <> in rec.models.scale

Apparently, it stands for "Cats and coffee". The theory is that some people (you know, like Janet and Kayjay and so on) spend time at their computer with a cat on their lap and holding a cup of hot coffee. If something hilarious comes up in a posting, they shake with laughter, spilling the scalding coffee on the cat who immediately (and not unreasonably from the cat's point of view), attacks every available piece of bare flesh with its teeth and claws. All rather unpleasant.
So....if you're posting something which is deliberately funny and could have such consequences, then put (C&C) at the beginning of the subject, so that we can all have the chance of lowering the caffeine container and dumping the moggy before opening your post.

— Posted by Kevin Beach on 1998/08/21 Message-ID: <> in alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic

By the way, the "(C&C)" in the header is supposed to warn any would-be readers that they should not take the post seriously. When you see "(C&C)", the post is meant to be funny. As I understand it, the C&C stands for "cats and coffee", and it is a warning to remove the coffee from your desk and the cat from your lap, just in case the post sends you into a fit of convulsive laughter.

— Posted by RJO on 1998/05/07 Message-ID: <3551ac98.87800208@nntp.netcruiser> in alt.religion.christian,alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic

C&C "coffee & cats" Used in the subject in postings to the NANA newsgroups to indicate that the posting is humorous. Meant as a non-serious warning that the posting may cause sudden laughter, and thus the spilling of coffee and upsetting of cats near the reader.

— The Net Abuse Jargon File, by Andrew Nellis <URL:>

All clearness eliminated?

Nice. See also ROTFLLOLASTC. Yes, I hate spammers and I love coffee, the USENET and my (two) cats — and my cats are loving me. I also love Sandy and Sandy love cats but Sandy does not love me. :-( Sandy is also loving dogs, rabbits and all the other sort of creatures that the Lord make living on the earth — including stupids and idiots — but not me. :-( It makes me crazy! (Sandy, have you ever read this?) But this is intricate and yet another story, perhaps I'll tell you in the future.

Have a lot of fun!


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